How to Care For Your Pets During Texas Summers - FAQ

Hi I'm Dr. Elizabeth Brown. I work here at eight animal clinic. A question I often get about the Fourth of July is what to do when your dog is afraid of fireworks. So. There's. Three big things that we can try to do. To help your pet. One would be to try a undershirt. Keep them in a dark room or trying some anxiety relieving medication.

Another question we get. Living in the warm state of Texas is what to do if you have a cold weather breed like a husky that live down south. We. Recommend them not being left outside for long periods of time because they can overheat very quickly. Another thing we have is grooming services on staff here and we recommend doing shut out and frequent brushing to help decrease the hair. Letting your dog swim and open bodies of water like oceans or lakes is safe as long as you exercise caution. Make sure your dog is a good swimmer before letting them just go and lifejackets are available to help them with their swimming. Coming into the warm summer months flea and tick prevention is a must. We have fleas and ticks everywhere.

So in Texas it never really cools off enough to kill off the flea and tick population so we recommend year round flea and tick prevention. We have several products that we recommend here. You can come see us and we can get you set up with the perfect clean tech prevention for your dog.

]Allergies are really common in the warm summer months and in the state of Texas. So if you notice your dog is itching excessively. I recommend you bring them up here to see us and we can come up with the perfect treatment plan for your little friend. For when you're traveling and going on vacation.

We do offer boarding services here. If you're going to be at work for a long time and you don't want your dog left at home alone we have day camp services. Again I am Dr. Elizabeth Brown an associate veterinarian here at a Animal Clinic at forty nine ninety West Victory Boulevard in Fort Worth. You can contact us at 8 1 7 7 3 1 1 4 9 4.

Jamie Knight