How to Get Rid of Fleas Once and For All!

Here in Texas it never really gets cold enough to drop the flea population. So even in January we see fleas on pets. Please can cause itching and irritation in your pet and in heavy infestations. They can also cause anemia or be vectors for more serious diseases. Your pet can also get tapeworms, a G.I. parasite from fleas.

Fleas are found in your yard and are carried by other animals. Thankfully we have products that can help keep your pet flea free.

We can help eliminate fleas by using multiple approaches. One is treating the yard for pests. The second is treating the pet with a topical or oral solution.

Fleas are easy to see in heavily infested pets, but for those pets who have a few fleas they're difficult to find. You can get an exam by your veterinarian to help you identify any problems. Not all flea and tick products are created equal. That's why as veterinarians, we recommend you get something from the hospital.

We have a range of products that will accommodate your pets needs and it is always important to use a product year round to prevent a problem from occurring.

Jamie Knight