Owner Newly Spikes shares some details on Day Camp at A-Animal Clinic.

Are you planning a vacation or business trip soon?

Do you have relatives staying in your home that aren’t comfortable being around animals?

Maybe your pet is bored, sitting around home alone all day.

A-Animal Clinic and Boarding is the ideal solution for any of these scenarios. Our full service boarding is available to accommodate short-term or long-term stays while our doggy day camp provides hours of fun for your pet. Our facility is designed to offer comfort, socialization, exercise and plenty of TLC to make your companion’s stay enjoyable.


A-Animal Clinic and Boarding has become well-known in the metroplex area for the outstanding facility and level of care afforded to each guest. Our kennel is designed to provide a safe and fun environment for both short-term and longer stays. Your pet will even have his or her own personal door to come and go in or out as he or she desires. We like to think if pets could talk, they’d ask to vacation with us!

Our indoor/outdoor runs are climate-controlled and measure 4 feet x 15 feet, providing very spacious and comfortable living quarters. We offer a soft, padded bed for each guest, and will feed any specific diet your pet might require.

Kennels are fully disinfected and sanitized daily, ensuring a healthy and clean environment. Our kennel technicians are trained to recognize potential problems and inform our veterinary team should any special needs arise for your pet. We do require current fecal exams as well as vaccinations upon entering our facility to ensure a safe stay for all guests. Please call and verify your pet’s vaccination status at your convenience. If necessary, we would be happy to schedule updates upon admittance into our facility. Call now to reserve a spot!

Day Camp

One of the unique features of our boarding facility is our Doggy Day Camp. We are so proud of this special time we can provide for your pet while you are busy at work or away on vacation. It’s a getaway for your pet, full of adventure and meeting new friends. Day Camp is conducted every day and there are two sessions from which you can choose: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. A snack and a nap are offered to each guest between sessions.

Our Day Camp counselors are well-trained in observation of behavior and social interaction between these furry friends. They will place your pet into the appropriate group for a day of positive activity and friendship with other canine buddies.

The Day Camp yard is cleaned and disinfected daily. We keep it full of interactive toys as well as climbing toys for adventure and excitement. During the hot summer months we have doggy pools, misters, and yes, we get the water hoses out too! It’s a treat to play in the water – just ask our regulars!

Give your pet a day with us and our other furry friends while you’re at work, running errands, or just enjoying the house to yourself. We’ll treat your little buddy to an awesome experience!

Day Camp pass cards are available if you’d like to pre-purchase multiple days of admission. Use our Day Camp facility any day or when boarding for that extra activity your pet desires!

Play Camp

If group socialization is not your pet’s cup of tea, we have other options for your furry friend’s stay with us.

We offer a separate Play School Yard, where your pet can enjoy one-on-one time with our compassionate, experienced kennel technicians. Whether it’s playing fetch, catching a Frisbee, or simply enjoying a nice brush in the sun, we are here to accommodate your pet’s unique needs.

Each pet boarding with us will receive two special trips to the Play School yard during the day. During that time, he or she can roam, stretch and enjoy the yard. This is in addition to their free access to the outside portion of their run via their own personal doggy doors.

Call now to schedule your loved one’s next boarding or day care stay. We’d love the opportunity to become your pet’s home away from home!