Did you know the expression ‘you are what you eat’ can also apply to our pets?

A balanced diet and a healthy weight aren’t just something that humans need to worry about. Our animal friends can also benefit greatly from the right food and an appropriate fitness level. With so many food products to choose from, however, managing your pet’s nutrition and weight control needs can be challenging.

At A-Animal Clinic and Boarding, we understand companion animal nutrition and we can develop a customized plan that is designed just for your pet.

Nutritional Counseling

The first step is figuring out what your pet’s unique nutritional needs are. This is important, because the diet that brings out the best in one pet may do just the opposite for another. We’ll examine your pet and evaluate the things that make him or her special. For instance: breed, age, weight, health status and lifestyle all play a pivotal role in developing the right diet.

Once we’ve gathered this information, we’ll advise you on what food would best meet your companion’s needs. We typically recommend Hill’s Science Diet as we feel that this product promotes a healthier, more balanced existence through every stage of life. It’s also excellent for managing certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, ultimately improving quality of life.

Weight Management

Does your pet weigh a little more than he or she should? Those extra pounds may actually be placing your loved one in harm’s way. Obesity can lead to a host of other medical problems, some of which can shorten your pet’s life. Conversely, if your pet doesn’t weigh enough, he or she could become more susceptible to injury or illness. We want to get your loved one in tip-top shape.

Using our dietary analysis, we’ll determine what weight range would be ideal for optimum health. This will give us a target weight to work toward. From there, we will develop a plan that will help your pet achieve his or her goal weight and maintain it over time. This may include scheduling more time for exercise, managing calorie intake and more. The strategy we implement will be designed specifically for your pet.

Are you confident that your loved one is getting the most out of his or her diet and exercise plan? Could you use some direction to help maximize your companion’s health and wellbeing? We want to partner with you in this important endeavor. Pick up the phone and let’s get started today!