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“Dogs are not our whole

life, but they make our lives whole.”

- Roger Caras


At A-Animal Clinic and Boarding,

Our goal is to provide your pet with exceptional veterinary care in a compassionate, friendly, and fun atmosphere. We operate in a fast-paced, well-organized fashion, yet we make a concerted effort to make sure you and your pet always feel welcome and at ease. Your pet’s experience at our facility is top priority. We want you to feel good about the care your pet will receive, knowing we will treat him or her as our very own.

We have designed our services to ensure that our patients receive the best medical and boarding care available. We also strive to provide education and support to you for ongoing home preventative care. With these essential combined principles, we’re certain you and your pet will enjoy each other’s companionship for many happy, healthy years!

Our exam rooms aren’t just for delivering medical care. They’re a place to get to know you and learn about your companion’s unique personality. They’re the perfect setting for sharing stories of our own experiences and connecting on a personal level. We view our facility as a place where we get to do what we love best – make a difference in the lives of others. Helping your four-legged friend enjoy a long, healthy life isn’t a job for us. It’s a passion.

Of course, we reserve our best treatment for the animals we are privileged to work with on a daily basis. We go out of our way to accommodate their needs, whether it’s sitting on the floor with them or providing extra soft bedding. Tasty treats and lots of TLC are part of every interaction with our patients. Our reward for all of this is the boisterous greetings we receive, complete with wagging tails and throaty purrs. That’s worth more to us than gold!

At A-Animal Clinic & Boarding, we believe that you and your pet deserve the very best of everything. Whether it’s a simple checkup, a complex medical treatment or a long-term stay in our boarding facility, we’ve got everything you need. More importantly, we’ve got the warm, inviting environment that will make you both feel like family. If you’re in the area, stop in and visit with us! Let us show you what veterinary care should be all about!