Dr. Sarah Pugliano

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Sarah Pugliano adores animals, but she also loves to solve a mystery. Since pets can’t tell her what’s bothering them, following the clues and helping a pet feel better is the ultimate reward for Dr. Pugliano! For her, every day is an exciting new challenge.


Dr. Carol Buchanan

Associate Veterinarian

At the age of eight, Dr. Carol Buchanan discovered an orange tomcat in her family’s garage. The poor creature was suffering from a swollen and infected eye, but allowed young Dr. Buchanan to clean him and place soothing medicine drops into his eye daily until he was healed. He walked away with two perfectly good eyes, and Dr. Buchanan was forever hooked! She knew that a veterinary career was her true calling, and hasn’t looked back since.


Dr. Elizabeth Brown

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Elizabeth Brown had always had an interest in the medical field, but it wasn’t until her early college years that she realized she wanted to care for those who couldn’t tell her what was wrong. Veterinary medicine was the perfect choice for her! Now, Dr. Brown is proud to care for pets and animal owners every day as one of A-Animal Clinic’s Associate Veterinarians.



Associate Veterinarian